Filtering/displaying ArcGIS Feature Layers?

Was curious if it is possible to query/filter an ArcGIS Feature layer by metadata and display within Cesium? Any examples?

The Arc documentation has loads of examples using their JavaScript API but I was hoping there was a way to display/render the results in Cesium.

Any help as always would be great!

Can you share a link to the docs you’re referring to in the ArcGIS JavaScript API?

It does look like CesiumJS allows you to pick features found in the ArcGIS Imagery layer:

So I imagine it may not be difficult add a way to filter as well. If you have a sample layer you can share here that’d help too!

Hi Omar

Thanks for the the quick reply. What I’m looking to do is provide a UI where users can filter ArcGIS imagery data such as the below.

I know Cesium supports the ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider as a data source but, its not quite clear to me how I could leverage that to get/post queries to an Arc feature layer and get the respective imagery results back.