How to render PartialCappedCylinder

I am trying to render PartialCappedCylinder as available in Worldwind.( Is there support in Cesium for doing this? I found support for ellipsoid etc but could not figure out how to render cylinder. My guess is that I could do this using a Polygon and calculating geometry myself but do not want to reinvent wheel if there is some support already.


We do not have support yet, but shapes like this are being actively worked on in the batching branch. We definitely plan on supporting cylinders in the near future, Wolrd Wind might actually provide a good reference for us in terms of what options we need to offer people. Patrick may have some additional thoughts on your exact use case (partially capped).

Hi Anjali,

Matt is right. Cylinders are on the roadmap - and probably a few weeks away. They will be ray-casted and work with our material system so you can do lots of fancy visualizations.