How to reverse the 'Z' in UrlTemplateImageryProvider

Does anyone know how to reverse the Z in UrlTemplateImageryProvider.

E.g. for the url http://host/path/{z}/{x}/{y}.png

If I have a map with 6 resolutions levels but the server assumes level 0 level to be highest resolution level for the map, how do get the outgoing request to change the ‘z’ to the appropriate level for the server? So when it would normally set z = 0, I would want the outgoing request to be z = 5.


It looks like the UrlTemplateImageryProvider currently doesn’t support that case. You would have to make changes to the URLTemplateImageryProvider.

I created an issue here:

If you make this change to the code before we do, please send back a pull request! We would be glad to accept the contribution.