How to set clamp to ground for 3d tiles?

With DEM loaded, all my buildings are sank into the ground…and there is no clamp to ground option for Cesium3DTileset, so how may I improve that?

Plus, the DEM is translucent, so by some certain angles you can see building trough mountains, it’s really weird.

Also, I found many debug tools under Cesium3DTileset, like debugShowBoundingVolume, debugShowMemoryUsage and many.

Like described, " When true, draws labels to indicate the texture and geometry memory in megabytes used by each tile.", exactly where did it draw labels and how to show them?

Thank you

I’ve found out where…
And I’m telling you this is totally unhelpful…

Karl Tian 于2018年8月31日周五 下午4:33写道:

I’ve same problem with you!!
Follow this topic

Are you using Cesium ion to tile your DEM ? You can clamp your buildings to terrain while tiling. On ion there should be an option to select a terrain asset to clamp to when you upload your buildings.

The translucency issue might be a bug. If you can provide some sample data and/or open an issue on the ion community repo ( that might helps us track it down.

For the debug labels, if you zoom in on any particular tile/set of tiles you should be able to more clearly read it. If you have a suggestion for how to make this more useful we’re eager to hear it!

Just to clarify, the option to clamp your buildings to a given terrain will come up when tiling the buildings. So you’d upload your terrain first so you can use it while tiling the buildings.

Thank you Omar,
No, I didn’t use the Cesium ion.I didn’t found where to upload my b3dm files, it only support image and terrain files.

Could you show me how please?Or is it not a free feature?

Omar Shehata 于2018年9月12日周三 上午1:13写道:

Oh yes, it’s currently in beta, but I believe support for this is coming very soon!