How to set SSE for multi tilesets?

1. A single maximunScreenSpaceErrorvalue is not sufficient for multiple tilesets.

Suppose we have multiple tilesets from different source. The major difference between those tilesets is that they are not equal in LOD quality. For example one may be very detailed in level 1 while another is not so detailed until level 3. The total level number may also vary between tilesets. Thus a fixed maximunScreenSpaceError is

not enough for all cases. And we are not able to set the SSE value one by one.

**2. Automatically calculate the **maximunScreenSpaceError for each tileset, is this possible?

We wonder if we already get a ‘good’ SSE value for a single tileset as a reference, can we calculate the SSE value for another tileset according to this reference?

Or, Is there any detailed explanation on how SSE work in cesium?

You can set a maximumScreenSpaceError per tileset, but if you mean you want to tweak the SSE per tile, I would say this is what the geometric error is for.

You can read more about geometric error and how it’s used in the 3D Tiles spec:

The samples here might be a good reference as well:

Let me know if that helps!