maximumScreenSpaceError: does not work

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I’ve set

viewer.scene.globe.maximumScreenSpaceError = 1.02; /// default is 2

Despite of this very low value (it should load very high resolution tiles until infinity) I get the same map with default value.

I’ve attached a picture to see that there’s no difference.

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viewer.scene.globe.maximumScreenSpaceError = 1.02; /// default is 2

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Not to see the tile difference just by the camera

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What happens if you set it to 1, or 0? Or just to make sure the value you’re setting is having some effect at all, what if you set it to 50 or 100? You should see much lower resolution tiles.

Another way you can debug this is by using the Cesium inspector. You can click “Terrain -> Show tile coordinates” to see what tile level it’s loading:

This can help visually verify whether it’s loading the expected level.

viewer.scene.globe.maximumScreenSpaceError = 1; // no noticeable improvement and soon it crash

viewer.scene.globe.maximumScreenSpaceError = 10; // the map is at very low resolution

It sounds like the screen space error is working, but that the loaded tiles are the highest resolution. You can verify this by zooming in to a particular tile and seeing if it loads an additional level.

The tiles are not at highest resolution, if I zoom higher resolution is loaded.
Furthermore you can see that there’s a noticeable break in tiles resolution just in the center of the viewport, so for sure not all the tiles are at highest resolution.
I guess that with “viewer.scene.globe.maximumScreenSpaceError = 1” Cesium should load the maximum resolution for all the tiles, but it seem to be not like that.

I suppose that the algorithm behind “maximumScreenSpaceError” take care of the camera height, and if the camera is more than xxxx meters it doesn’t work anymore… maybe.

Is it possible to better understand how “maximumScreenSpaceError” work?