How to show 3DTiles like GeoJSON?

Hi all, I’m now trying to load the whole and display a city’s 3DTiles buildings using cesium, and when loading using 3DTiles, only some of the levels are displayed (you can’t actually see the buildings under this level :smiling_face_with_tear:):

The effect I’m trying to achieve:

This looks similar but there is a difference, the downtown buildings are already shown in the image below and the result I developed using 3DTiles looks like this:

At the initial level, the buildings are not visible, only after zoom level.
Please how can I achieve the effect in figure 2, like using GeoJSON to load the buildings. Unfortunately I have a recurring memory overflow when loading buildings using GeoJSON.

Hi there,

Would you be able to explain in a bit more detail how you are using 3D Tiles?

It appears as though you are using vector data. While we’ve done some early work in Vector 3D Tiles, we do not believe they are part of the official format yet.

Thanks for the answer, what I’m trying to achieve is: show 3dTiles (though not all) at a zoom level of 10 (first image), used to let the user understand that the building has been loaded

What format are your 3D Tiles files, and how did you generate them?