How to stop downloading from

We have our own off line map services, but cesium constantly get tiles from internet, since I’m from china and the GFW, it tells" An error occurred in “IonImageryProvider”: Failed to obtain image tile".

Although it doesn’t affect normal using, still very annoying, and for each tile it tells an error, the entire list is full of this, flooding the real errors…

Is there anyway to stop it?

Thank you

Hey Karl,

That definitely sounds super annoying. You can disable this and any other dependencies, check out the offline guide:

If that doesn’t fix it, comment back here and I’ll give it another look!

Hello Omar,

To set Cesium like guided, it does fix the downloading problem, however a new one comes out.

I don’t know how to best describe it, just take a look at attached pictures you’ll understand.

Those stripes

Thank you.

Omar Shehata 于2018年7月26日周四 上午12:34写道:

Does this only happen when you disable BaseLayerPicker ? It looks like the imagery you have isn’t correctly tiled/or the tiles aren’t aligned.

Which imagery provider are you using and is it publicly available? Perhaps we can take a look and help debug this.