How to take cross section of the polylinevolume entity?

Hello Team,
I am currently using the polyline volume to draw a road shape. The road is half buried in ground and half is above the ground.
I want to take the cross section of the road, how can I do that ?
can I use clipping planes ? if not then is there any way ?
I have attached Image showing exact scenario.

Image explaining the scenario -
In this image half of road is buried inside the ground (below green line)
I want to retrieve the a, b, c, d, e, f points show in cross section.

Thanks in advance !!
Looking for answers.


Thank you very much for providing some information on your application. I particularly enjoy the diagrams that you have shared.

Clipping planes could potentially be used here. However, I am not sure what the specific implementation would be. I’ve typically seen clipping planes used on terrain, as shown in this example:

Alternatively, you could simply partition the rectangular road into two roads. This would allow you to easily hide one of them to show the cross section.

Looking forward to learning more!


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Hey @sam.rothstein Thank you for reply,
Actually I was going the the documentation of ClippingPlaneCollection, I Found that we can add clipping planes to the 3D tiles, gltf models and globe.
Is it true that we can apply it to the normal geometry like polyline volume ?

I found one of the post of @Gabby_Getz saying Can’t apply clipping plane to basic geometry, but it was way back in 2018.

Looking forward to learn more !!
Thanks !!

@MUKUND_THAKARE amazing! Thank you for the update :grinning: To the best of my knowledge, they can be applied to normal geometry.

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