How to take cross section of the polylinevolume entity?

Hello Team,
I am currently using the polyline volume to draw a road shape. The road is half buried in ground and half is above the ground.
I want to take the cross section of the road, how can I do that ?
can I use clipping planes ? if not then is there any way ?
I have attached Image showing exact scenario.

Image explaining the scenario -
In this image half of road is buried inside the ground (below green line)
I want to retrieve the a, b, c, d, e, f points show in cross section.

Thanks in advance !!
Looking for answers.


Thank you very much for providing some information on your application. I particularly enjoy the diagrams that you have shared.

Clipping planes could potentially be used here. However, I am not sure what the specific implementation would be. I’ve typically seen clipping planes used on terrain, as shown in this example:

Alternatively, you could simply partition the rectangular road into two roads. This would allow you to easily hide one of them to show the cross section.

Looking forward to learning more!


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Hey @sam.rothstein Thank you for reply,
Actually I was going the the documentation of ClippingPlaneCollection, I Found that we can add clipping planes to the 3D tiles, gltf models and globe.
Is it true that we can apply it to the normal geometry like polyline volume ?

I found one of the post of @Gabby_Getz saying Can’t apply clipping plane to basic geometry, but it was way back in 2018.

Looking forward to learn more !!
Thanks !!

@MUKUND_THAKARE amazing! Thank you for the update :grinning: To the best of my knowledge, they can be applied to normal geometry.

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Could this clipping plane be used to change the vertical cutoff face of a polyline volume to be able to make it look like the polylineVolume tube is coming out of the ground instead of laying on top of it? The reason I ask is because I’m needing the ability to be able to display air space in regards to the trajectory of launched projectiles from different degrees and speeds. The flat facing vertical cutoff on the polylineVolume doesn’t quite work for us.