How to update gameobject position in the runtime?

Hey there,

I want to change my AR Geospatial creator anchor’s Long and Lat to a new coordination. As I understood, I can’t do it directly and I need to change the object position instead. Is it correct?

Now, I need to convert my user coordinates to a new position and pass it to my gameobject. How can I do this?

I don’t know too much about AR Geospatial Creator, so you might have more luck with that product’s support forum. But in Cesium for Unity, you can add a CesiumGlobeAnchor component to a game object, and that has properties and methods that make it easy to set the globe position (and orientation) of the object. I don’t know of any reason that wouldn’t work in AR Geospatial Creator, too, but I haven’t tried it.