How to use Cesium on own website ?

All the unzipped files downloaded from cesium.js should be uploaded to such website or can be linked from cesium.js ?
Cesium looks beautifully, but imaginery resolution is significantly weaker than in Google Earth.

Take a look at this getting started example:
It shows you how to run a local server to run a Cesium application.

Cesium has support for a number of different types of imagery providers. We default to Bing imagery, but you can switch that out for a different source. You can see the types of imagery providers we support here:



Thank you for your answer. I have found that earlier. It says, that downloaded and extracted content of the Cesium zip file should be copied
into a directory on server (?). But these files occupy a lot of space and uploading them would take a lot of time. Is it really necessary ?

You will just need to copy everything in the Build/Cesium folder. This includes the Assets, ThirdParty, Widgets and Workers directories and the Cesium.js file.


There are also referrers to;

Pins are here:

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