How to use maps from Offline ArcGIS Map Server?

I want to use Offline ArcGIS Maps.
I have written this script:

If I debug and goto Network in Chrome, Seems like it does not load all map tiles, but only 1 tile, which is not found.

Also it gives error for and which is done by default.

I have not installed node.js, Is it a must to install it?



It sounds like you might be running into this bug:

It will be fixed in Cesium 1.7 to be released March 2, or you can build Cesium yourself from GitHub to get it sooner. Instructions for building it yourself are here:


I have used Cesium.TileMapServiceImageryProvider to use image map files for offline use.

Now I want to have Terrain in my project for offline use. Is it possible to have some Terrain data files ?



I have downloaded cesium 1.7.1 but the problem of loading tiles is still there. Now I see more tiles (not found), previously there were only 4 tiles (not found). Also I see blue color on globe now.