How to write external tileset transformation?

This is my repository:

I want to load these two tileset together, but i can’t write the external tileset properly. (Something wrong with the transform matrix.)

Any advices will be appreciated!

Here is my tileset.json, the primitive go to wrong place.

在 2019年8月26日星期一 UTC+8下午2:56:11,jsyzj…@gmail.com写道:

tileset.json (921 Bytes)

Are you using CesiumJS to test it? From a glance it looks like you have a tileset.json for each individual tile? I think you’ll get far better performance having much fewer tileset.json’s. That way the client has more information ahead of time to help with efficient traversal.

Also note that as the spec says here, the child is transform both by its transform as well as the parent:

Hello, I have the same problem, is there any solution?