How would you display a set of ~60.000 Polygons in CesiumJS?

What way would you suggest to display a set of ~60.000 flat Polygons, which represent a storage area for geological purposes and were generated with ArcGIS on the basis of an algorithm with xyz values for each point of the polygon in CesiumJS?

We tried already as CSV and GeoJSON. Just displaying the polygons works more or less. But each polygon will have a set of ~20 properties. The Browser (Chrome & Firefox) crashes unfortunately when adding the properties as PropertyBag.

Do you know a more perfect way to load and display this data in CesiumJS?

The long term solution to this kind of problem is tiling the data. 3D Tiles doesn’t currently support a vector format, but there has been some work on this (see the roadmap here

In the mean time, you could try to output your data in one of the formats Cesium ion can currently tile (see The only way to currently get an arbitrary set of properties per object is using CityGML. This is how the New York City sandcastle example ( can display 1.2 million buildings each with their own properties that you can click on to display or filter by without crashing.