Huge amount of 3D data requests for just a small area?

Hi, I’m using the google 3D map data within Unity,
I’ve capped it to load only 8 tiles each time yet I’m getting thousands of requests for 3d map data just from one load up.

There is a cap of 250,000 requests, this gets eaten up in about 2 hours of testing.

8 tiles each time? Do you mean 8 tiles at a time? That won’t reduce the total number of tiles that need to be loaded, just make them load slower.

I suggest you give the feedback to Google that the 250,000 request quota is too low, particularly given the fact that clients are not currently allowed to use a cached copy instead of doing a request, due to the Cache-Control header included in the tile responses. The API is currently experimental, so it’s a good time for this kind of feedback.