Cesium Google Maps AP! Quota Reached

Hi everyone, curious if anyone has reached their quota limit 250,000 requests.
Is there a way to increase it? we paid for the Google cloud account and cant figure out how to increase the quota

Sorry I dont have an answer for you on this but I did reach my quota yesterday also. I have decided to adjust my workflow to use OSM tileset during development and then switch to Google Photorealistic for review so I dont run into this problem again. Hopefully this is useful to somebody.

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Good call - Im going to call Google sales today too, and see what we can achieve with the paid accounts

Exe builds from Unreal seem to instantly pull the 250k limit. Seems unrealistic for one city, I wonder if there’s something in the settings we have set too high?

It would be interesting to see what the requests consists of, perhaps it’s per vertex point or triangle by the looks at this rate! If this was the case then being able to isolate parts of the tiles set would be nice. Did you have any luck with Google sales?