Google tiles api no longer required, how does pricing work?

I see that in the 2.0 Cesium for unreal plugin, there is an option to quick add Cesium Google photorealistic tiles to a project without needing to use the api key from google directly.

How does this work regarding pricing and the request threshold?
In the past once a threashold of use of tiles had been reached they would begin charging. Do we get charged from our Cesium account once that threashold is reached now instead?
More information would be excellent since this seems like a great feature that we would utilise.

Hello -

I’m glad to hear Photorealistic 3D Tiles data is valuable to you. Currently all Cesium ion accounts include a quota of 1000 root tiles per month. If you go over, you are over on your ion account quota - not a Google Maps Platform account quota. We are using this time period to assess typical usage of this data by various account types and will not automatically charge for overage. We will consider adjusting the quotas based on what we learn.

However, if you do exceed your quota, we’ll likely be in touch about your expectations for usage and the best plan that would work for you. If you have insight into likely usage now, especially if you expect it to exceed the quota, please let us know and we’ll reach out directly to you to learn more.

And of course, we monitor for excessive use and take appropriate action if we see it.


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Maybe i’m missing something here…
But it looks like Google gives us 300 Root Tile requests per-day.
If Cesium Ion is giving us 1000 a month, that’s obviously a lot less than 300 a day. Is it possible to pay for a higher number of requests?

Also, is it still possible in 2.0 to use our own Google API key like we did previously?


Hi @Eric_Carney ,

we are using CESIUM 2.0 plugin with UE5.3.2 and I’m still using my “old” Google API key, works like a charm.


Also, is it still possible in 2.0 to use our own Google API key like we did previously?

Yes, this is still possible, and works the same way it did before.

The exact quotas, as well as options for upgrading for a higher quota, will be evolving over time. Reach out to us privately if you have immediate needs or concerns.