Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles are new or the same as before?


I followed the tutorials online and set up the google maps api key in Cesium for UE by creating blank tileset and selecting from URL and pasting the maps api key to spawn my google earth 3d models. Seeing the news of these photorealistic tiles, I was wondering, these are the same as the ones you get from the maps api key method right? These are or aren’t more detailed than the default google’s 3d models?
The announcement basically was for saying that these google 3d models are now natively available in Cesium without having to go through the maps api key route correct?



yes it’s the same, but now you get a temporary google api key coupled to the ion account

Hi Indy. Like Bertt said, it’s the same data as through the Google Maps Tiles API, but now the data can be accessed as part of your Cesium ion subscription so you don’t need to have your own Google Cloud account if you don’t prefer to.

Hi @lisabos,

this now confuses me a bit. I have a Cesium Ion subscription, and when the 3DTiles were released by Google I created my own Google cloud account with credit card etc. for payment of usage.

Does this mean I can remove my Google cloud account now and just use CESIUM Ion? How would the usage-based billing happen?


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