Google Tile Limit

There’s a tile limit on how many tiles can be loaded per day. I’ve reached out to Google to see how much it would cost to increase the tile limit quota each day, but they only link me to a premium support option. Basically I need to pay for premium support to know how much it would cost to increase the Google Tile daily limit.

Does anyone know the answer to this? Or is it possible to increase my daily tile limit?

Hi Reggie,

During the current Experimental release phase, usage is indeed quite limited in almost all cases. Can you share the type of work you’re doing - ie are you performing an evaluation, or actively developing a solution that will be used in production?


Hi Lisa,

Evaluation now, prepping for a production project later and determining what the limitations are and if we should go the route of Cesium and Google Tiles. The test I’m running now involves a pipeline running several miles. So, I’m testing having higher detail tiles (4 in the Max SSE), and testing how well it would run, if we need to purchase anything, or if our systems can/can’t handle it.

So far everything works great (personally, I love Cesium). But informing my employer of the tile limit raises the questions, how much would it cost to resolve this? Is this a temporary problem due to evaluation or something we’ll have to fix on our end?

So these are the issues I’m trying to find the answer to.

Thanks for reaching back!

Totally get it. I might have ideas for you - will reach out directly.

Hello, I wanted see if there was further information on this. I would like to release a beta of my application however im concerned about the tile limit from google currenlty. Any extra info would be helpful, thank you!


Sorry for the slow response - I was traveling. We don’t have anything new to share at this time, but the additional context I shared on our call still applies. Happy to catch up again this week or next if that would help.



No worries. Thank you for the update. I was also traveling and just returned from Siggraph in Los Angeles.

But thanks again and please let me know if you receive any additional information.


SIGGRAPH was also part of my travel. Sorry we missed the opportunity to meet! Or you could tell me we did meet and that I’ve already forgotten, because it was that kind of week. :wink:

I would say we didn’t meet. Because I was desperately trying to find Cesium content to demonstrate to a friend who was a visualization specialist from Kentucky. He hadn’t heard of Cesium and was interested in how I was using it for my project. We never found Cesium content at Siggraph.

I should have mentioned in our previous meeting that I was attending Siggraph. My mistake!

Oh, too bad! There were a bunch of us there walking around in Cesium shirts, and we presented a number of times, but it’s such a huge show - it’s easy to not find what you’re looking for. Is there a kind of project you wanted to show him that you haven’t found online?

I haven’t really searched online what others have been doing with Cesium, to be honest. Because I already know what Cesium is capable of and use it with Stantec for our needs. But, I can let him know to check out the Cesium website.

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Hi @lisabos,
did you have a chance to reach out to Google to get some more info about quotas/future pricing/extending the limit? Would be very interesting for us, and I guess for many other users, too.

Thanks & best regards

Google entered preview, so the costs are out:
Photorealistic 3D Tiles now in Preview with updated daily quotas

Map Tiles API Usage and Billing

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Awesome @max2,
thanks for the info!