Identifying intersect between Polygon and Tileset


I am after some guidance on how I would be able to identify which tilesets intersect with a polygon entity that is drawn on to the view.

In our use case, we load multiple tilesets in to the viewer, from multiple source pointclouds.

We then allow the user to interactively pick points in the viewer, which will then render a Polygon entity. What I would like to achieve is to identify which tilesets intersect with the polygon drawn on to the view.

The purpose of this is that we then want to perform some further processing on the source las files, but ideally rather than performing processing on all of the tilesets that have been loaded in to the viewer, we would like to only work with the files that are intersecting with the polygon.

I’ve attached a screen shot as below which I hope helps explains the use case.(with debugBoundingVolume switched on for the tilesets.

Is it possible to get the bounding volume from the polygon and then check for intersections with bounding volumes of the tilesets?