IE11 securityerror :

I visited my localServer, There is an error with some computer use IE11 :

     An error occurred while rendering.Rendering has stopped.

some computer visited my server has no problem.

Why will appear this problem? Who can tell the why. thank you 。

Can you post an example of your code. This is probably a CORS issue and the default Proxy will solve it, but it’s hard to tell what is specifically going on from just that error message.

I update IE version ,There is no mistake. ie version:11.0.9600.17801

If you use another browser on your computer does it works correctly?

You mention that it’s your “localServer”. Is it both a public and private server, if so are people getting it to work when it’s being accessed publicly?

Hi Mike .
    I used google chrome ,it works normally.
    If IE is not install updates "kb3049563",Will appear this problem.
    Is the same as the other machines.

Hello. im facing the same situation here. im getting:

"An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.
SecurityError: SecurityError"

Im using IE11, v.11.0.9600.17937 fully updated and Cesium_1.12.js

Did you find any solution???

Thank You!!!

Does the error happen with demos on Cesium’s website, or just your own app? If you receive the error on Cesium’s website as well then it is most likely a configuration or security policy issue with your PC. If everything is okay on Cesium’s website, then it could be any number of things in your app (such as trying to call toDataURL on a tainted canvas).

Thank you Matthew, i just found i was not a browser, S.O., updates or other thing like that, im using local https environment with self signed certifies and IE shows error on that, then i thing thats the issue, Im testing the same browser with other Cesium pages and it work good…


It is a problem on my site SSL cert.

Thank you again!!!