Image Data Export Options

I have a rather unique problem. We are interested in capturing some 3D modeled image data from the Cesium environment, so that we can render the content onto a new type of holographic display. We have currently adapted some other 3D programs to render to our displays (Unreal Engine, Unreal Studio, ParaView, others), and I am looking for ways to export environments from Cesium to render through those existing pipelines, rather than having to modify the Cesium graphics pipeline to drive our displays directly. Is that possible? Are there export capabilities within Cesium for exporting 3D modeled representations into other applications, such as open source CAD formats?

Hey Russ,

This sounds like a pretty cool project! I’ve definitely seen others use the views in CesiumJS as input to analytics/computer vision so it’s definitely possible to capture the output from a WebGL just as images you can download.

To fully export a scene however might be harder. Typically objects in CesiumJS are coming from external data sources, so they would already be in formats that others programs can use. Part of the philosophy of CesiumJS is to allow the user to visualize their data regardless of where it comes from or how it was exported. 3D Tiles ( is our attempt at unifying all this data into an open format, currently I think CesiumJS is the only library that can render 3D Tiles though.

I would think the fact that CesiumJS runs on the web should make it easier to integrate than other 3D engines. What kind of modifications are you thinking you’d need to do to get it to work with your display?