Image point entity projection on another entity

Hi Cesium Community!

I’m currently trying to implement a functionality in Cesium where if i can click anywhere in the 3D mode, all the cameraPositions (point entities) containing that area of 3D model will get highlighted. The camera entities come from parsed camera xml files containing position of the Image points as well as the Yaw,Pitch and Roll for each images. Currently i am able to calculate angle of elevation between camera positions and clicked position using the reference from Cesium Sandcastle and i have set a filter of angle between 7 and 10 which can be seen in the attached screenshot. Now i want to filter only those camera entities which contain the clicked area as part of the image.

Hi there,

I assume you are using a 3D tileset. Is that correct? Is there any metadata available in the the tileset which maps to these camera positions?

Yes i am using 3D tileset. The metadata in not available in the tileset but a xml or CSV file containing metadata about camera position, image url, focal length, Yaw pitch Roll etc