Imagery provider attribution positioning

I see that the imagery provider attribution positioning is currently set via CentralBody.logoOffset. All other Cesium positioning seems to be done via CSS. Why does this still have to be set explicitly in code?

Hi Greg,

All of the other positioning is widget-level positioning. Imagery credits are for the imagery layer, and we render them into the canvas itself rather than depending on a wrapper widget to composite them via DOM elements. This helps make sure the proper credits appear even in apps that don’t use the widget, and appear in canvas.toDataUrl screenshots, etc. But it means that CSS doesn’t affect their position.


I guess this makes sense. It does, however, make positioning difficult in larger applications. For example, aligning attribution with the right side of the screen, or relative to other widgets/icons/etc that appear in applications.

I’m pretty sure we all agree that ultimately logo positioning should be CSS aware, no matter how it’s ultimately rendered. We even have a Google SoC project about it. It’s incredibly difficult to manage the logo the way it is now. If this is something you’re interested in working on, we’d be happy to have the help. It’s a fairly isolated project, which makes it great as a spare-time style thing.