Cesium Logo @ credits in form of white aggresive white simple font text on cesium widget

In case of smaller window of cesium widet presentation, the Cesium ion logo and text are very aggresive and totally distract attention from the beauty of the globe itself.


Maybe it would be good option to modify cesium logo to square logo in left corner, and add ability to expand it when mouse cursor hovers over the logo in such way, that all the required texts including "cesium ion" word, "data attribution" "upgrade for commercial use" will appear?

Other option would be to fade out to dark gray the white and ugly standard font texts, and fade in when the mouse is hovering over the logo ?

Curious users (like me, who reached this place that way) definitely will be happy to check the origin of this wonderful widget pointing the cesium logo with the cursor.

There was a lot of effort of the whole society to make the widget wonderfull and beautiful, so why to leave such unattractive elements on it?

Just a general thought about making the very amazing widget even more eye-catchy :wink:

So it looks like it is okay to modify the ion logo/CSS to make it smaller for your application. See the “Attribution” section at the bottom here:

I think as long as the logo is visible you could potentially even just put it under the widget window too. I don’t think there’s like a built-in option to remove it that I’m aware of but you can just modify the CSS on your site to do these modifications.

Hope that helps, and congrats on finishing up your widget! It looks pretty awesome.

Hello Omar !

I'm extremely happy I have finished my project using the amazing cesium solution, but I couldn't finish it definitely without your help, and the very well developed sandcastle, what allowed me to work on the widget, even with extremely minimum knowledge of coding java scripts :smiley:

Now the only thing I'm working on is how to present the cesium logo and both credit texts in more eye-catchy way to potential users. I thought, that fade out, and fade in option would be perfect for the white texts, and cesium ion logo could be a little smaller in case of such small window.

As I cannot find much info about controlling the attributes of white credit texts and logo, would you be so kind and send me some code idea how to modify it?