Remove CesiumION Logo

I am currently using CesiumJS. with my own tilemap source and using my own CZML files for my display data. Is there a way to remove the CesiumION logo since I don’t use CesiumION at all and I am only using the open source CesiumJS library?


If you are truly not reaching out to ion at all (note that some of the default widgets like the geocoder do, so make sure to disable them) ,you should be able to use CreditDisplay.removeStaticCredit
with the default cesium credit.


Only thing I do in my “app” is create a Veiw, apply some settings to remove extra buttons I don’t need (like changing tile maps) and then I load my CZML file. I also verified that there is never any calls to any Cesium related server after loading the JS at page load.

Sounds good, that should be fine!


I’ve been struggling with this issue for a few hours now. I cannot seem to get the Cesium Ion logo to go away, at all. We’re building this app to be entirely offline using the sandcastle for offline mode as a template.

When using the suggested code snippet, we get the following error when compiling:

Property '_cesiumCredit' does not exist on type 'typeof CreditDisplay'. Did you mean 'cesiumCredit'?

When changing _cesiumCredit to cesiumCredit as it suggests, the logo persists.

EDIT: After a weirdly hard time searching, I found this solution that worked for me:

Cesium.CreditDisplay.cesiumCredit = new Cesium.Credit(<img src=“${Cesium.buildModuleUrl(“Assets/Images/cesium_credit.png”)}” title=“Cesium”/>);

The line = "none";
suggested in Cesium Ion Logo Removal - #2 by Sogrey worked for me (with further approaches being listed here)