Remove cesium Logo


I Seriously praise the great work you guys are doing.

I want a plain screen in my application, please tell me how to remove the logo, search bar that come at top on the window.

In the above link, he doesn’t specify what to do exactly.

Looking forward for reply

Thanks in advance



Hi Sid,

You can disable most of the widgets in the constructor options for the Viewer.

For example, you can disable the geocoder (searchbar) with:

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’, {

geocoder: false



There’s a thread on removing the logo here, but make sure you are not using imagery that requires attribution like Bing Maps.



Hi Sid,

Thanks for the kind words on Cesium. Although you can remove the Cesium logo, we do discourage it as we think it is fair to credit Cesium as mentioned in the