Remove cesium and bing logo


I want to remove the cesium and bing logo which is shown in left bottom part of screen. Is it possible. How…


Pankaj Bansal


If you are using Bing imagery, their terms require showing the logo. You may be able to switch to another imagery source that does not require credit, but it varies based on the imagery.

The Apache 2.0 license used by Cesium does not require showing the Cesium logo; however, we prefer that folks keep it to give credit to the significant work that has gone into Cesium. It can also help your app with branding since users will know what to expect from a Cesium-based app. If you really need to remove it, see #1245.


I have a good reason for removing it. It doesn’t fit and overflows…

Did you find a way to remove the Cesium ion logo?