How to remove the logo?

I want to remove the Cesium and Bing logos in my app. How should I do this?(Unreal5)

Hi @Xiaoguang,

You may not remove the tileset attribution for tiles you are using. However, you can move it to a different position. See this page to learn more.


Is it not possible to completely remove it even after purchasing a commercial license?

Also help me to look at this problem.

I’d like to follow up on this. We’re purchasing a commercial license, but will not be doing so if it won’t remove the Cesium logo during final renderings.

Hi @Xiaoguang @aMahvan,

There is no way to remove attribution if you’re using Cesium ion or other third-party data with attribution requirements, regardless of your license. As described in the link above, the Cesium ion logo and data attribution is required on the main screen. If your application targets mobile devices, attribution can be moved to a splash screen accessible from the main window.

If you are not using Cesium ion services or datasets, or other data with attribution requirements (your project contains only your own datasets or datasets which you have the right to use without attribution) you may remove the attribution.

If you are interested in tiling your own data for local use and don’t require Cesium ion services, you can reach out to our sales team to set up a custom plan.

You can read more in this thread.


We’re indie developers building a game for release on steam. Will the Cesium logo be present for all players throughout the game?

@aMahvan Yes, that’s correct.