How to get rid of the Cesium watermark when packaging?

We started using Cesium for our real estate projects, but I would like to know how to get rid of the Cesium watermark that appears at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Hi Nazzareno - Welcome to the community!

The Cesium attribution is required if you are using Cesium’s services (and to attribute data and services of third-parties). There is more information available in this post: Data attribution requirements - #2 by Nithin_Pranesh.

Hello @NazzarenoGiannelli and @Shehzan_Mohammed,

I just wanted to clarify: attribution is only required for using Cesium Ion (our cloud service), data served from Ion, or otherwise data with attribution requirements from third-parties. Attribution is not required for Cesium for Unreal itself. So if you are not using Cesium Ion or data with attribution requirements (e.g., using your own local data), you can edit the Cesium Credit widget to remove the display.

-Nithin Pranesh