I need to remove the Cesium logo

I need to remove the cesium logo so I can add my mobile UI buttons. I read I can add cesium splash screen before the game starts. How do I remove that logo? I need a step by step way of doing this. I looked and looked for hours and all I found was a JS or CSS script. But I didnt know how to implement it.

I don’t think a splash screen at startup is generally an acceptable replacement for actual credits, according to most data providers. I’m not sure where you read that. In any case, I don’t know offhand how to do what you want. You may be able to find a way by looking at the source code (GitHub - CesiumGS/cesium-unity: Bringing the 3D geospatial ecosystem to Unity) or - worst case - by building an edited version of it yourself.

So Im suppose to have that big logo at the bottom where my buttons are suppose to be?? So weird.


We do realize that the UI is not sized conveniently for mobile, and we have an issue to track this here. We’ll be sure to update this forum thread when we address the issue.

I can’t use this for my project. That logo is very invasive. I can understand a splash screen but what video game has a logo like that in the bottom at all times??? I will explore other options.

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This is presumably what is being referred to? From the Terms of Service page.

Cesium ion attribution is required on the main application window (unless there is a custom agreement), and as set forth above when displaying downloads of Your Content, by conspicuously displaying the Cesium ion logo. For mobile applications, you may move the Cesium ion logo to a splash screenshot or about page. Any and all use of the Cesium ion logo shall inure to the benefit of Cesium.


That’s exactly what I was talking about. How do I remove the logo on the main screen like that so I can move it to a splash screen?

You can customize the credit display by manually adding the credits prefab and modifying it, as described here:

Just be aware that you are responsible for making sure the terms of use of your data providers are met. Cesium ion allows the use of a splash screen instead of on-screen credits on mobile devices, but other data providers (such as Google) may not have the same allowances.

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