Implement reflective shadow map in cesium

Hello guys!
I want to implement reflective shadow map algorithm in cesium. I dive into cesium source code and found that , the builtin gbuffers without normal frag output. which is a key input for the RSM algorithm. Also the shadowmap does not include normal and position frag output. So I’m now confused, should I modify the framebuffer and shadow map source code or just redefind new framebuffer and shadow map objects to extend their ability? Or any other ideas? Thanks a lot!

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Welcome to the community! :grinning: :rocket:

Your project sounds amazing. I am looking forward to seeing more and more of it as you continue development.

I would suggest modifying the frame buffer and shadow map source code. This could potentially turn into a pull request if all goes well. I do not have a significant amount of experience with RSM algorithms. Any suggestions from the rest of the community?