Improving the quality of glTF models

Hi all,

There is a new option in the online model converter named “Ambient Occlusion.” This basically bakes the shadow from ambient light into models, which makes nooks and crannies appear darker, as shown in the attached screenshot.

For more info on how this was implemented, check out Gary Li’s new blog post: Baking Ambient Occlusion in the glTF Pipeline.

This is a CPU intensive operation so if you want to use large 3D models, please run this locally using gltf-pipeline.


very interesting indeed.
Can the gltf-pipeline handle B3DM files as well?
Does it make sense to mix ambient occlusion with real-time shadows?

Hi Arne,

Yes, I think it is generally OK to combine a model with prebaked AO with real-time shadows.

gltf-pipeline is strictly for glTF, but we expect to add glTF-to-b3dm and b3dm/i3dm-to-glTF to 3d-tiles-tools (note that we are just starting this project). Either way, it should be pretty straightforward to integrate gltf-pipeline into your workflow.