Instalacionde CESIUM en un servidor, minimo necesario.

Hola a todos.

Que es lo minimo que debo instalar en un servidor para poder corrercesium incluyendo 3D.

Librerias etc…

Se debe a que estoy utilizando un servidor de pruebas y es limitado en espacio.



Hey Javier,

The Hello World example is the simplest Cesium app (check out the getting started tutorial here I believe you’ll need everything in the Build/Cesium folder.

Muchas gracias.

He probado y funciona.

Otra cosa, ¿donde puedo encontrar un gltf que sea un barco de vela?.

Glad that worked!

I’ve found Google’s Poly to be a good place for 3D models. Here are some boats:

Most 3D models there can be downloaded as glTF’s I believe. You can also find any 3D model and convert it to glTF, here’s one converter but there are many others as well:

Forgot to add: sounds like you’re building a fun project, be sure to share it on here when it’s done! I’d love to see.