install the standalone minified version

hi guys !

First i would like to say that you have made an amazing job with cesium !

i have install all the package on windows without any trouble however i have try to install in a separate folder only the standalone minified version found at Build/Apps/CesiumViewer. But it seems it's doesn't work : i've got only the black background and the ajax-loader.gif...
Is there any dependency out the folder that we need... ?
And yes, where can we modify the bing map Key ?

thanks !!

You should have the entire ‘Build/Cesium’ directory on your server. Most people then include the ‘Cesium/Cesium.js’ file and the ‘Cesium/Widgets/Widgets.css’.

If you need a more customized build you can use require to only include the specific modules you’re using, but that is a bit more complicated. My personal opinion on the matter is that there is not a lot gained by creating a custom build. Keep it simple and use the combined minified Cesium.js file.