Integrate Cesium with Vue -cli

currently I'm trying to integrate Cesium with Vue,peoject is built with Vue- cli webpack.After some digging and playing,I could successfuly run a stand alone webpack project with cesium and vue, but with no luck in vue-cli, I received errors saying no cesium/ceiusm module is found.I configed it the same way as the cesium webpack tutorail and I can find the cesium module in node_nodule folder, dependency in package is also right. I am still new to both vue cli and webpack, so any suggestions and help are greatly appreciated.


Hi Ryan,

I’m not very familiar with Vue or vue-cli, but I know other developers on the forum have worked with it in the past. Hopefully one of them can chime in.

I know we’ve been thinking of putting up more learning resources on integrating with different frameworks, like we did with Webpack. If you figure something out and would like to contribute some learning material, we’d be happy to review and integrate into our site in a blog post or tutorial!