Integrate STK Viewer

Consider me a nub. I’ve never used Cesium. I’ve a VDF file from STK view with 4 views. I want to show those four views on my website. How do I achieve this?

Welcome to the Cesium community Aanand!

This is a great question. In STK you can export your scene (see You can then take that CZML file and upload it to Cesium ion (

The easiest thing then would be to add it to Cesium Stories. I think you’ll find this tutorial helpful, which uses a CZML file exported from STK:

I tried to export czml but it throws error. It says it skipped non earth objects.

You’re getting this error in STK? Can you show a screenshot?

Please check

CesiumJS only supports one central body in a scene, so if your CZML requires flying between multiple planets I imagine that’s why you’re seeing this error.