Integrate TomTom traffic with Cesium

I am working in an application that uses BingMaps. I am trying to integrate information about the traffic flow. I mainly want to provide information about how busy the roads are (with green for flowing traffic and red for very heavy traffic, just like it is available in BingMaps and GoogleMaps). As far as I know, Bing does not provide this information in their REST API (source:, so I decided to use the TOM TOM API to ask for traffic data (just as it shows here:

I am using UrlTemplateImageryProvider for the following address template:

I am having troubles finding the correct UrlTemplateImageryProvider parameters that give me the traffic information of a specific area as a function of where the camera is focused at (let's say I had my camera centered at London, then I would like to be able to obtain the traffic information for that particular rectangle, and if I had it centered somewhere else, then I would like to retrieve the traffic information of that other area).

I elaborated some code that illustrates my problem*. If anyone could give me some guidance on how to obtain the correct 'zoom', {x} and {y} parameters, it would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone knows of alternative tutorials for plotting traffic data with Cesium, please let me know. I am fairly new to it and I am very interested in learning more.

I am using Cesium 1.44 on a Windows 10 64-bit.

Thank you very much in advance!

*NOTE: The keys provided in this example are either public or generated specifically for this demo

A colleague of mine helped me solve it. I was missing the 'z' as zoom parameter. Here is the working example:

Glad you solved it! Thanks for the updated code sample, and cool app!