TomTom Traffic Flow overlay

Have an application that was inherited, ArcGIS road map as base, with tomtom traffic flow tiles as an overlay.

The tomtom portion was never fully functional, we updated to Cesium 1.27 and we can see the traffic flow tiles, but they are not placed correctly on the globe.

Attached, it looks like north and south united states is flipped and not over the united states.

Using the


Using Cesium for the first time, so unsure if that is the correct provider.

Appreciate any point in the right direction.


The tomtom documentation says this is how the URL should be formatted:


I would recommend using the UrlTemplateImageryProvider because you can set the URL to match what the tomtom API expects.



That was it, thank you very much for the point in the right direction!

Hi Danny,

I know it's been a while since you posted this answer, but I'm curious how it worked out for you. I am currently having troubles finding the proper {x} and {y} parameters. Do you have any advice? I am currently using the following code:


Any tips will be greatly appreciated