integrating cesium in open layers 3


Open layers 3 is going integrate cesium but they have not given any roadmap for that. Our company needs that urgently. so we have decided to integrate it our self.

We have started the integration of cesium in Open layers 3. It will be great if you can provide some information in this regard. OL3 people also had started this and cesium people also must have some documentation. It would be of great help if you can provide some documentation to us.

Any documentation, any example, demo will be of great help.


Pankaj Bansal


This is good news. Is this something you’ll contribute back to OL3?

I saw your post to the ol3 list. They’ll be able to provide OL3-specific info. Here’s a few Cesium resources:

  • Tutorial for loading raster data (imagery)
  • Tutorial for creating geometries (vector features). There are also easier-to-use higher-level primitives like Polygons, Polylines, etc., but they don’t perform as well when there are a lot of features. We also already have loaders for GeoJSON and TopJSON, and KML is on the way so you should not have to write loaders for common formats
  • Tutorial for using the camera
  • Sandcastle has a ton of code examples.
  • Reference documentation



Have you finished integration of Cesium to OL3?
Any inputs on this will be helpful.