I updated the roadmap with design and implementation ideas for imagery layers - I believe Scott will do some initial development work, and perhaps Dan will join at some point.

It is important that our layers API is friendly enough that an OpenLayers wrapper could be written above it. We don’t need to mirror the OpenLayers API - in fact, I believe they are making it more concise - but we shouldn’t also knowingly do things that would make a wrapper hard. OpenLayers is interested in WebGL and 3D. Given their widespread adoption, there is a mutually beneficial opportunity.


Hey Patrick, just letting you all know that I started taking a look at creating an OpenLayers wrapper around Cesium for the past few days. I have the basic editing tools example working. and asked the community if anyone would like to help out.

Here’s where I am at so far.

And here’s my openlayers fork.

Hi Jonah,

Awesome news. Your demo ran for me; looks like you are off to a nice start.

I know of a few other folks that are interested in this. I will point them to your fork in case there is an opportunity for collaboration.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.