Hello Cesium Devs!

I saw your recent demo with interpolation and I thought it was really cool.

I have an idea for an additional algorithm that would function similarly but include orientation. My specific use case would only include heading, although the other fields would be cool to include for flight projects.

So for example, if I had an entity at position 1 with heading 0 at time 1, and position 2 with heading 90 at time 2, Cesium would interpolate the path taken between the two points with consideration to the starting and ending heading(a right turn along a curved path).

If I had two positions with the same heading and aligned, the path would be a straight line.

If I had two positions with the same heading, but not directly aligned in the forward direction, the path would sortof resemble a y=x^3 curve. It would have to make some assumptions, but it would choose the most likely path taken between two known points/heading. This could be an awesome feature for vehicle tracking, etc.