What short Cesium tutorials do you want to see?

Hey everybody!

Over the past month or so I’ve been writing a few short technical articles on doing cool stuff with Cesium: Performance Tips for Visualizing Lots of Points, Learn to Build Cesium Desktop Apps with Electron, and Drawing on 3D Models and Terrain. I would now like to know what cool ideas you all have! Any idea you have comment here and that comment might turn into an article.

  • Tom Ped

What about adding your own building footprints and extruding heights over terrain? Last I checked this wasn’t doable in Cesium except with 3D tiles.

If 3D tiles is the only way forward, is there a way to create custom 3D tiles? Thanks!

Animation with glowy particle effects. Like a dot moving along a line.

How about building Cesium apps that run as native Android or iOS apps?

Transformations among coordinate systems.

Thanks everyone for the awesome ideas! If anyone else has any ideas feel free to post them.

  • Tom Ped.

I second Dan's "Transformations Among Coordinate Systems", specifically dealing with aircraft/rotorcraft that might use common standard reference systems like North East Down (NED), East-North-Up, and other LVLH-like ones, etc... which are all dependent on the geodetic position.

@tomped1 Loved seeing you showcase the Electron example BTW.
If I ever get permission from my customer to show their weather data, I'll share examples of the Electron "app" I built to fuse their data with other time-dynamic sources. It used plotly.js for graphs (implying d3.js of course) and the python-shell npm module to call out to Python routines that manipulated data. Could have used the hdf5 npm but it was a little "touchy" at the time I tried it. :wink:



Creating custom 3D tiles!

I second transformations among coordinate systems and creating custom 3D tiles!


Thank you to everyone for sharing your awesome ideas! If you haven’t already be sure to post your own ideas or second an idea you like.


Tom Ped

Thanks for specifying Dan’s idea, very cool stuff. Also, I’m glad you found my Electron showcase useful and moved on to create your own Electron app too.

  • Tom Ped

what about building an app to sync video with a czml model? like a simplified version of https://cesiumjs.org/demos/powdertracks.html
that will be super cool :slight_smile:

Very much want to learn 3D tiles.


Live streams with websockets or HTTP2