Introduction to Cesium


I am Judy Weng, a senior undergraduate and first year submatriculant student studying CIS for both undergraduate and masters at the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently taking the CIS 399: Open Source Software Development course at my school and this is my first experience of contributing to open source software. I chose Cesium as the project to contribute to for my course because there is a vast amount of research, other programs, and software that utilizes this software.

I am most familiar with Java and have had some experience with Javascript, HTML and CSS through my experience at school and previous internship.

I have forked and successfully built the project. I will be going through the tutorials and documentation to get a better idea of the Cesium project.

Welcome Judy! We had a great experience working with CIS 399 students last fall. Can’t wait to see what you and Sumit build this semester with Sean’s mentorship.