Ion Asset Request, orthometric world terrain

Currently the Cesium Ion Asset “Cesium World Terrain” is providing ellipsoid elevations

It would be really nice to have a Cesium Ion orthometric terrain Asset such as:
“Cesium World Terrain EGM96”
allowing viewer.terrainProvider = Cesium.createWorldTerrainEGM96

providing the existing terrain data with the EGM96 Geoid offsets applied, so ocean shorelines are at an elevation of 0

perhaps “Cesium World Terrain EGM2008” but at least EGM96 to help assist in displaying and generating kml on the fly

the terrain example Cesium Sandcastle using Cesium.ArcGISTiledElevationTerrainProvider , returns orthometric elevations, but doesn’t have the performace of the Ion Assets, and the performance in picking detailed elevation information