Is Demo source code available?


I am new to Cesium and even newer (more new?) to JavaScript.

Is the source code for the demos available (similar to what you distribute with the Insight3D/STK Components package)?
I am specifically interested in the "Lots of Satellites" demo.



So I'm guessing the answer is "No" ?

Hi John. I’m sorry that this email slipped through the cracks

That particular demo depends on some commercially licensed software, so we can’t open source the code. We don’t normally plug our commercial side unless it comes up, but quite a few of the Cesium committers work for AGI ( which makes the aerospace/defense software (STK, STK Components, ODTK) that part of Lots of Satellites uses.

If you are looking to create a Cesium application that is similar to Lots of Satellites or needs to perform similarly analysis and visualization, we’d be happy to put you into contact with someone who can help you out. There are also some free versions of our products that you can check out on your own (from my above link).

Hope that helps, I hate sounding like a sales guy.

Sorry to hear that. I'm also interested in the Lots of Satellites source, as it seems to handle the following:
- Taking EventSource or WebSockets streams and updating the scene and timeline as new data comes in.
- Preventing memory overload (crashing the browser...) if you have endless amounts of incoming stream data. Some of it will be rendered according to the displayed timeframe, some will be waiting or previously rendered.

I've looked for more help on this, but all I found was the last paragraph here which makes reference to future documentation on handling streams...

Brian, I have good news for you on that end. Both of the things you mentioned will be in Cesium master soon enough. Probably in the next month or two, definitely by the end of the year. It’s mainly the server-side code that we can’t give away. The Lots of Satellites JavaScript code was written when Cesium was in it’s infancy, so it needs to be refactored, documented, and have tests written to meet the same standards as the rest of the Cesium codebase. I’m currently in the process of laying a lot of groundwork to make implementing something like ingesting Lots of Satellites trivial. Just keep your eye on the mailing list and you’ll see it pop up, I’ll be sure to update this thread when it’s available as well.

Sounds great, thanks for the update!