Is it possible to display label on click of czml point on cesium globe at the same position of czml point?

I am trying to display a label on click of czml point, since this point is formed on some coordinated and not an html dom and contains no id or class name, is there a way to display a label when the czml point is click at the same coordinates ?

Have you seen the picking code example?

That shows you how you can create a label at the mouse position.

Thanks much for responding. I will try this.

Pick entity will not fulfil my purpose. here is what i am trying to achieve:

when i click the czml point, it should add a label of my name:

here is my code:

function addlabel(viewer, lat, lng) {


position: Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(lng,lat),

label: {

text: ‘kulvinder’