Is this a built-in widget?


I’ve been using an implementation of Cesium Viewer for a while now but have not done much development. I’m diving in and trying to just figure out how things work. I’m semi-familiar with js and familiar with html. I’m using CesiumJS version 1.4. It appears that the implementation is pretty small, only 1 js file and 1 html file. The rest of the files look like they are a part of the provided CesiumJS files.

While looking through my code I cannot figure out where the data box right below the home, search and other built-in buttons comes from. The box with the MS, FPS and throttled. Is this a built-in widget? Does anyone have any clues? I’m just trying to learn 1 thing at a time here. lol

Yes, That is definetely built-in widget.
Please see.


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