Issue with Geocoder events.

Unable to fire an event when a suggestion is selected in geocoder suggestions.But when i’m hitting enter its firing.

How to achieve when suggestion is selected.And also how get the result of geocoder.

I have attached a SandcastleLink for the example.

Please provide me any suggestions.

I think what you want is to create a custom “destinationFound” function on the geocoder, that will both fly to that location and log whatever other custom event you want. However, it seems to be impossible to set this without manually creating the cesium viewer. I opened a bug report for this here:

My bad. You can directly edit the destinationFound function from the viewModel. This should be a more reliable event:

viewer.geocoder.viewModel.destinationFound = function(viewModel, destination) {{
        destination: destination
    console.log("Going to", viewModel.searchText);