Issue with loading 3D Tiles

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Hi all,

I have multiple CityGML models that have been generated in different tools.

I have created the 3D Tiles of each CityGML file using FME Desktop tool.

Some of the 3D Tiles are correctly visualized in position and altitude. However, other 3D Tiles are loaded but they appear below the terrain.

I have tested with different code, only loading, using the model matrix (adapting the heightOffset to each city), and keep appearing below the terrain.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help!


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Cesium 1.50

One thing you can do when creating your 3D Tiles through ion is clamp it to terrain. In this case, since you’re using Cesium World Terrain, you should choose that while creating your tileset, and it should correctly be clamped to the terrain. I’m not sure specifically how to do that through FME but you can try and see if that is indeed the solution by trying it directly on

Otherwise, you’ll have to manually specify a height offset like what you’re doing there. Does that not push your tileset up for you? If not, I would double check with this Sandcastle which shows you how to apply a height offset: